water plantsYou are
the idea the African saw through the cracked wood of
the Henrietta Marie
You are
the seed of the new woman
the ecstasy in the fire
the gospel after poetry venues
praised on sidewalks and parking lots
you are now a prophet amongst preachers
burdened with the beauty of the entire rose
pick the thorns or keep them
just stay in tact / you came prickly and prissy
with a rampant river under your feet
your commitment will be constantly tested
through people using revolution to work out personal
they’ll say you don’t fit the role / don’t look natural / ain’t ready to fight
you’re not committed to the destruction of the system
and they’re right
because you are a Creator / never forget that
You are a Creator
and you destroy the idea of death in order to live.


-Nikki Skies, Author/Poet/Playwright    
2014-10-28 14.02.07

Nikki Skies is an accomplished poet, award winning playwright, actor and author living in Atlanta, GA.  She is best known for her fiery performances as a featured poet in venues across the country opening for the likes of Sonia Sanchez, Gloria Steinem and the late Amiri Baraka.  Read more about what she’s been up to and check out her blog at https://nikkiskies.wordpress.com/booking-inquiries/


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