Below is a skit written by 11th grader, Curtis Paige. He channels the concerns many people had coming into 2017 with the political climate that we had and are still dealing with. Check out the work of this young playwright.

Curtis: Today is January.2017

Feels like the month of sorrow

Because I feel like these normal days

Will turn worse tomorrow,

Because Trump will be president

And that will be the end of it,

“That” meaning fellow citizens,


Diamani: My African brothers and sisters who worked the fields to make crops,

The crops the white folks ate while we cleaned their dishes then unfairly got abused by the corrupt cops.

Got beat holding these dirty mops,

But today, our money is coming from Target and Old Navy Shops

Y’all really need to…

Shariah: STOP!!

Don’t think this year will be a waste.

Sometimes you have to act like Shakespeare:

“To be, or not to be. That is…”

Curtis: Not the question!

This year is already weird,

Got me in corners scared.

There are too many vibes in my beard.

Our upcoming President is gonna put us back in that cage,

The cage it took years of rebellion and protest to break out of.

Florentino: But think about it,

Mexicans and Muslims are scared too,

Shaking in their boots,

Scared to wake up only to face a wall as their sunset,

Scared to breath and take their last look at their jail cells,

Scared for their voids to be filled with nothing but…

Diamani: Pain.

The pain for this year won’t be the same,

This year won’t be a game,

Because a certain man has fame.

Republicans thought they won but only received a lot of wicked shame.

This year will be cursed,

Never will it be a blessing

We’re all gonna…

Shariah: Live! We will not die.

The people have common sense and pride.

No matter how many disasters we face,

The Lord said, “He will be our guide.”

Trump won’t stop me from living my best life.

Everyone: Amen

Shariah: If I want to do the mannequin challenge (strikes pose)

Everyone: Then I will

Curtis: If I’m forced into labor,

Imma call 345-266-I’m Black and I’m Proud, 

And say my amendments are still in session.

I may be black,

But, like my mama told me

Everyone: Be who you are, no matter what.

Florentino: No one is going to stop 2017 from being our best year yet.

Curtis: 2

Diamani: 0

Shariah: 1

Florentino: 7

Everyone: 2017!

By: Curtis Paige

Curtis is an 11th Grader in NYC and an aspiring engineer and advanced drummer. His favorite subject is math and he plans on continuing his education at MIT once he is done making his mark at his high school.

Q: What is it that you love about writing and/or justice?

A: Writing gives me a wide purpose to hope. I want people to feel the pain, happiness, sadness, and etc of what I carry with me. It also is a peace tactic for me to clear out any hidden thoughts I possess.

Q: We know we would be nothing without our parents, but if you had to choose a celebrity to be your parents, who would it be?

A: I would want Barack Obama to be my parent because his elegance and style and healthy ideals gave not only citizens hope, but black citizens a good life to live and treasure

8 thoughts on “2017

  1. If i had seen this acted out, they would have gotten a standing ovation!!! I enjoyed this immensely!! I see how the sista was the voice of hope… it’s always the women refusing to give in to dispair and encouraging the men to utilize the strength that they already possess. Curtis, keep writing!!! We need every voice to speak truth to power.

    Liked by 1 person

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