More Life & More Lessons to Apply to Your 4th Quarter

drake 2.jpgEarlier this year, Drake dropped the playlist More Life to keep our headphones and day parties bumpin’ all summer while he puts in work. As fall rolls in many of us are still vibing out to some of those hits. Each time he creates, he steps back to reflect, inspire and birth new genius. Some people begged to differ with his previous album, Views. Not as many could say the same for his most recent playlist, More Life.

As summer ends and fall brings new chapters and fresh starts, whether literally or mentally, we can learn a thing or two from Drake’s strategy here. Amidst nonstop critique rising competition, he masters his craft and finds ways to stay relevant. So after re-binge listening to this playlist that was hailed as a step up from his previous album for some tweaks here and there, a few things stuck with me:

His unique, emotional, heartthrob, survivor’s remorse persona didn’t really hit on his last album based on some perspectives. Being an artist that has matured over time, he owned that he was “an angry youth” writing his previous album. Instead of getting defensive, he just got better. This album is transient and versatile from dance to pop, pop to r&b and more. He provided more artists, more beats, more culture, more life on this playlist, without truly forsaking his identity as an artist and all the clichés that make him Drake. Taking inspiration from his music and business ventures, we can all learn a few ways to be like him when it comes to reaching your goals, especially as an entrepreneur.

In Madiba Riddim, “I cannot tell who is my friend, I need distance between me and them,” is the hook that starts this upbeat tempo into overdrive. Just like all of us, Drake needs distance in order to assess life with clarity. When we are bombarded with distractions we make irrational choices whether it’s friendships, relationships, work or even just dinner. Yet Drake shows us that we can slow things down and enjoy the process. While the vibrant dance vibes put you in vacation mode, we are reminded that space is necessary not just for the grind, but for good decision making.

You know that project or business venture you are seeking to make progress with? It could be time to take a step back to look into it from a different perspective. The best athletes dedicate themselves to practice before balling on the court, some artists isolate to create their best work. Distance to help us perfect our steps toward achieving goals.

This very thought helped me build the foundation for my first Ebook, “Connect More.” Connect each move to make your best moves. Nobody finishes the race at the same pace or time, so don’t let anyone to diminish your ability to run your race. With that being said, your growth relies on time spent nurturing yourself. You deserve just as much, if not more, than what you give out to the universe.

So as fall rolls in, new chapters begin and old layers are shed, remember to stay true to your core; you can hone your craft without changing it. You can throw more work, more swag, more energy, more life onto your playlist, while you take a step back and continue to plot how you’re going to take over the game.

Headphones on and music playing, be inspired to create, reflect, connect and live. Remember, we have the write to live!

more life

donna p
Donna L Patterson

Donna hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the CEO of Dream Level Consulting. She is also the author of e-book, Connect More. Donna has dedicated her life to helping people reach their goals and consistently work relentlessly to build their dreams.



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