Thoughts of a Born-Free

BornfreeSouth Africa’s Born-Frees – the first generation of Black South Africans to be born after the apartheid ended in ’94 – are coming of age. This generation knows the struggles of the past and continues the fight for justice whether through protesting unreasonable tuition or the ability to wear natural hair to school. They understand that with their freedom comes the responsibility to call out any instance where their humanity is overlooked or undermined.

A famous rapper by the name of Kendrick Lamar

Opens up his hit, “Yah” by saying,

“I got so many theories and suspicions.

I’m diagnosed with real n**** conditions.

Today is the day I follow my intuition…

Interviews wanna know my thoughts and opinions.”

Well here are mine:


“Justice.” What is it?

What is it about?

Whether rich or poor, it should favor us both.

“Freedom.” Not all of us have it; those who do should use it wisely.

To me freedom is just a word.

Where I’m from they all believe they have it but they abuse it.

Equality was never achieved… We were just made to believe it was.

A blind eye was turned toward us.

But our forefathers fought and we have to carry on.

We are not free until we free our buried thoughts.

The past has been rough.

The present is mixed up.

And the future? No one knows what it will be like.

And I shout, let’s unite! Without a doubt we shall rise!

We cannot look back, we have gone too far.

We cannot sleep tonight, I can see the light.

Nothing will ever stop us because we’ll be willing to fight.

This is to the “youth.” The power is in our hands and we still have a chance.

To make a better world, we just need to “FREE OUR THOUGHTS.”

Thoughts of a Born-Free.

-Phumelele aka Chronic The Kidd

Rapper, Poet, Artist & 10th Grader | Durban, South Africa

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