What To Make & Take From 2017

2017I won’t lie to you all. This year? This year right here?  This year was rough — especially if you are minority, female, or non-binary. Write to Live is going to regale you with some of the highs and lows of this year in both black excellence and the black experience.


  • President Obama is still holding it down for the community and culture as the Obama Foundation has launched.
  • Beyonce blessed us with her twins!
  • Music made us grow up: DAMN and 4:44.
  • We got a preview of the literal black superhero magic that will draw the entire diaspora to cinemas worldwide in February 2018. The brilliant, chocolate King, King T’Challa, Chadwick Boseman has become a black male superhero in the Marvel Universe.
  • Black women ran both in and to the polls to save Alabama and the US Senate and well, the world.
  • Omarosa claimed her rightful spot in the unemployment line.


  • There is STILL an untrained, unqualified, orange toddler who has the ear of the free world and the nuclear codes.
  • Chrisette Michelle had an asking price and the nerve to sing for the disgrace of the ancestry.
  • Hugh Heffner was the horcrux to exposing all these sexual predators, from Harvey Weinstein to Roy Moore to Charlie Rose.
  • There is still a slave trade going on in Libya
  • Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life for killing her pimp… because we you know… we care so much about protecting girls from predators and harassment and all.

Why it matters:  Representation vs. Complacency. For people of color, this year has forced us to examine what we give to the world around us, how we fit in, and how we stand out. In a climate which makes erasure a plan, the thing to look forward to is the realization that we are in control. In the face of both our highs and our lows, we are being seen and will keep being seen.  We are creating and will keep creating. As Malcolm X said, “We have done more with less for so long…” We are on the precipice of indomitable change and like those before us, we will keep going. As we push forward we will do so with the question of Fannie Lou Hamer at the forefront, “If I am free, who are you to tell me how much of my freedom I can have?”

Jennifer P. Harris | Write to Live Team

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