do not distract yourself from it


into the emptiness

the numb confusion

the dismantling of all realms of control

and the anxiety that comes with that

know yourself well enough

to embrace the darker corners of your soul

the scary shadows collecting dust because you refuse to acknowledge them

the pain

the fear

kneel slowly into that dust

search for those loose ends of self

the closure to past chapters

the missing pieces are right there

around that dusty corner

hesitate if you must

but breathe them in deeply

acknowledging your asthma

because your asthma is no longer an excuse

it’s the result of hoarding

all of this dust

so sink, kneel, breathe into that dust

shedding tears if you must

with each sneeze… each cough… you are releasing

each asthma attack is your body coping with the overload

in preparation for the cleansing

this is your spring, your fall, your annual cleansing

as every pebble sinks before it floats

every child cries before it laughs

in order to breathe,

we have to exhale the dust that has lived in the shadows of our souls

for far too long

asthma is only a byproduct,

it is not the final outcome


Naa-Shorme | Write to Live

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