Still Black

From Jay-Z’s, The Story of OJ video

Last time I was spitting game

Scene from Jay-Z’s The Story of OJ

It was about the captivity and shame

That fueled a luxurious change to fame

But still

All black people are the same.

Black culture is synonymous with swag, intelligence, beauty

The swag we brought to the endless cotton that our hands plucked from fields

The education we got from homies like Frederick Douglass who taught us that slavery ain’t nothing but a grave.

The pride we got from black women loving their skin and ignoring negative perceptions of black beauty.

But, I’d rather have the skin of a black prince than that of the antagonist who coined that term, “White Man’s Burden” which should’ve been called “Black Man’s Hell.”

Cuz when blacks spoke out about the intentions of the whites, they got thrown in a cell

Exactly why the duo Malcolm X and MLK fell

Ain’t this ringing a bell?

We are SMART

The only weapon against a white man is a mind that sees a world with more “deadly days” than “wonderful weekends.”

“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine told me that shackles and chains are neither my independence nor my right.

Intellect is the professionalism of Barack Obama, our 44th President, with a walk that put his swag on 2,000.

But Lawd,  now we’ve got this gassed up President who‘s starting nuclear wars like it’s child’s play. *shakes head*

One who addressed our brother country Haiti as a “shithole” and clearly doesn’t care about African Americans and their needs.

He has the country questioning if Black Lives really Matter

But they do

Harriet Tubman, is the realest woman in black history, leading slaves out through the Underground Railroad

Rosa Parks, is the reason why we can sit on any part of a bus without the bus driver acting cold

Marcus Garvey, emphasized on universal black power, showing us a leader who is bold.

Truth is in my near future

I’d rather have a white cop pull me over to complement my shoes, rather than trying to shoot me on sight

I’d rather have a white teacher come help me for my needs and not judge my origin instead of calling me nothing and having me wanna fight

Cuz it ain’t right

It’s the kind of unforgiven stupidity that gets me tight.

Cuz this is our February,

At times it may feel like sorrow,

Because I feel like these normal days

May just feel like hell tomorrow.

Cuz Trump is still President,

That means we’re at the end of it.

But we will not die

We have common sense and pride

No matter what disaster we face,

The Lord said He will be our guide

Trump won’t stop my good life.

If I’m forced into labor,

I’ll remind them that the NBA wouldn’t be successful without Jordan and all the black players.

Remind them that we are the juice behind most comedy movies and shows, so no need for haters.

I’ll remind them that Black is beautiful

Black is proud

Black is a blessing

We’re rising as leaders and leaving the crowd.

Curtis Paige |Write to Live Student Contributor

Check out his previous post here: 2017


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