A Wrinkle In White Hollywood

a-wrinkle-in-time-gets-four-brand-new-postersA Wrinkle In Time is a film directed by a woman of color in an age where erasure is a trend, but as always, melanin continues to shine through. I believe Ava DuVernay is the best person to craft such a vision as she has marveled us with works such as 13th, Selma, The Door and more.

By depicting women of color as powerful and wise guardians, Duvernay shifts the perception of black women and empowers other writers of color to create worlds outside of the realms of white Hollywood expectations. Seeing black women in predominant positions of respectability and power in a movie that is not necessarily a ‘black’ movie, allows us as a community to see what we already know to be true of ourselves and want to see more of. Black women, women of color, protect and impart. Seeing that onscreen for a young black girl is affirming and empowering.   It is second nature for us to be influential thinkers and doers in the world around us. We make waves with our thoughts, words and actions on a daily basis!

From Ryan Coogler to Ava DuVernay, we as a community need to support this movie because representation is the key to empower the next generation as well as ourselves while honoring the memories of those who fought for moments like this on and off screen. Will this movie be as successful as Black Panther? It can be. This movie needs to be supported because our community needs to know representation, and support should not be contingent on who is starring in a movie. There is a way to support both movies without comparison. We support because representation is fundamental to unity and progress. We need to show up, because that’s what family does. Regardless of who else shows up, family gets there first to support.

Jennifer P. Harris | Write to Live Team

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