rundown carry-ons

“Please be careful when removing your [baggage]

from the overhead compartment

as items may have shifted during flight.”

Baggage is inevitable.

If you’re going places, chances are you’re taking things with you.

Flights create friction,

they have turbulence

and measures to keep you safe amidst all of that.


The one thing a flight can’t do

is prevent baggage from moving around.

As you arrive at your various destinations

and reach for your belongings,

don’t let them hit you up side the head.

Understand that time and turbulence shift things

and your baggage may not be in the same condition that you left it in.

Or do yourself this favor,

and ask yourself whether that baggage is needed for this leg of your journey.

-run down carry-ons

Naa-Shorme |Write to Live Team

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