Red, White and Blue

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Corona Harris is a young poet who loves when her thoughts flow into words and the rhythm is loose. She loves all forms of art, from spoken word and poetry to visual, musical and beyond. She is a heavy believer in doing what makes her feel like she’s living and not just alive.

Red, White and Blue**
A man shot you
Took you to a cell
Then undressed you
Treated you like hell
Then did it with youWhen I look at these videos it’s hard not to notice the RED covering the ground
Even harder not to notice the WHITE surrounding the “criminal” and I use that word lightly
but is it even possible to overlook the beautiful BLUE suit death decided to wear today.

Shame Shame Shame
I don’t want to go outside
any more more more
There are too many innocent killings
at my damn front door
Cops will grab you by the collar
Beat you till you holler
I don’t want to go outside
any more more more

Shame children under 18 will come close to death any time they’re around an officer.
Officer don’t kill our kids we’d like to see them graduate. I would like to graduate.
Yes sir I understand my rights, just as well as you understand your right to kill
No sir I will not perform my rights, long as you ditch yours as well
My apologies Officer I understand, I’ll try not to look as criminally profiling

Miss Mary Mack Mack  Mack
All dressed in black black black
The man in blue blue blue
Shot Kevin in the back back back
She asked them “Why why why
did you kill my son son son”
That’s when the officer said said said
“Thought he had a gun gun gun”

And with one line a murderer faces no criminal charges
Because they wear badges they can attack us
Shoot us, Rape us or Smack us
They use citizens as target practice
This year alone 249 killed and that number growing faster
Last year it was 990, But the media kept us distracted
While 14 teens killed since Michael Brown
You were worried about social status

So because Kevin ain’t get no justice
Mrs. Mary Mack wont get no peace
And It’s a shame nobody cares
that we all out here dying by police
But that BLUE keeps them protected
Especially if that skin is WHITE
And RED is spilled by all our people
Because cops can’t tell color when it’s night
Brothers and Sisters of all races
Protect your kids because if you don’t …
The police just might.

-Corona Harris
This piece along with more of her work can be found here: .

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