The Nifty Notebook

The clock is ticking and time is flying. You’re well into your routine of getting up and carrying out your day, accomplishing your goals and subconsciously making more goals. All of a sudden school is out, summer vacation is on and social media statuses filled with feel good vibes fill our timelines celebrating this care-free time of year.  All is good until you realize that you are six months away from the promises and intentions you made to yourself at the onset of the year.

Some of us set goals at the top of the year and can attest to being successful at reaching those goals. Others reached a peak or plateau then dropped. So, what is the next move? Well for one, we’re not going to take a window seat as we watch the rest of the year pass us by. Your year has likely brought it’s fair share of challenges and wins. Our best selves are developed through resilience, through intentionally riding out the highs ans the lows.  Twenty-eighteen has required that from our culture, our race, our humanity. Take a look at your track record so far this year, where do you stand on achieving your goals? Do you need to reset? What are you most proud of so far? Are there any goals that need your attention now? Did you learn anything new?

Looking from within, we can find exactly what we need to guide our next steps whether you are right on track, ahead of your target or still catching up. If we can take anything away from where we are as a society at this halfway mark, it’s to love more and continue to live intentionally. Our goals are a reach by definition, sometimes we will hit them and other time we won’t. Embrace the progress in moving toward your goals and enjoy the process of your own personal journey.

Let’s leave the resolutions to the TV’s and the cameras and be realistic with setting and reaching our goals. What would be your word for the first six months of 2018? Is that a theme you want realized throughout the year? If so, just be sure to write it down. Make it a plan and connect action to it. It is your ticket to exploration. Shout out to you for wherever you may be as we move past the halfway mark of 2018, you’re still in this so keep at it!

Donna P.  – Write to Live Team

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