Write to Live

You have the right to live, but sometimes you've got to write to live.


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It’s an afternoon of meaningful conversations, dance, writing, music, and food, all designed to empower girls not just to create, but to own their stories through self-love, positive self-image, and expression. With or without a pen in hand, young women are the authors of their stories, through every form of expression, and there is nothing more magical than that!

Write to Live

“There is no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”            -Toni Morrison
Writing is speaking power to your thoughts.
In a world where the value of your life is seemingly debatable,
Writing unleashes the knowledge that you possess to empower, question, create and inspire action.
That is your “write” to live.


What is Write to Live?

Write to Live: goes beyond conversation to discuss tangible solutions for dealing with the social and political issues of our day. Millennials of color are invited to read, discuss and write about an array of topics ranging anywhere from music to police brutality with a critical, solution-oriented lens or as an outlet for creative expression and empowerment to live our truest and best lives.
Write to Love: explores self-love, familial love, friend love, romantic love, all that. Why? Because love is power.
Write to Rise: features the next generation (high school students) as they find strength in their voices by expressing their social justice concerns while also proposing solutions as their voices and solutions are so often overlooked.



Why was it created?

The idea for Write to Live came about when I was reflecting on 2016, more specifically, the bloody summer of 2016. This was the summer in which we witnessed the modern-day lynchings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, Korryn Gaines, Terence Crutcher, Charles McKinsey and Keith Lamont Scott, who was the 173rd black person that year to be killed by police. Meanwhile, I was working in our nation’s capital creating de-escalation policies for public schools and realized we completely overlooked input from our main beneficiaries: students. The two thoughts that have stuck with me since that summer were 1.) We have to create the change we seek with the tools and knowledge we have, and  2.) We have to empower youth to find the strength in their voices to do the same.  Black and brown bodies are constantly under attack by hits at education, health, housing and so much more, but there is also so much life and we all have the right to it.
If you need an outlet to reflect, create, learn or celebrate, we invite you here.
You’ve got the right to live, but sometimes you’ve got to write to live.


Analyze. Discuss. Empower. Act.