rundown carry-ons

“Please be careful when removing your [baggage] from the overhead compartment as items may have shifted during flight.” Baggage is inevitable. If you’re going places, chances are you’re taking things with you. Flights create friction, they have turbulence and measures to keep you safe amidst all of that. The one thing a flight can’t do … More rundown carry-ons

Fatherly Love

In 1998, my father died of a massive heart attack, brought on by congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema.  I was 17-years-old. The most powerful memory I have is when I was about four or five and my father was carrying my younger sister in his arms when I asked him to carry me. He … More Fatherly Love


Breathe do not distract yourself from it sink into the emptiness the numb confusion the dismantling of all realms of control and the anxiety that comes with that know yourself well enough to embrace the darker corners of your soul the scary shadows collecting dust because you refuse to acknowledge them the pain the fear … More breathe

Springing Forth from our Mothers’ Gardens…Owning What Blossoms Next

Our mothers have mastered the art of being the most powerful source of love and knowledge in spite of the load the world has placed on them. Their strength comes from a history of struggles, many of which we will never even know. Thus, this is a conversation about appreciating the sacrifices of our mothers while taking those lessons to create our own metaphorical gardens. … More Springing Forth from our Mothers’ Gardens…Owning What Blossoms Next