A Letter to My Lord

Sometimes, our young people simply need a space to vent, to express their frustrations before powering up and pushing through. This week, Earnesha is ‘writing to rise’, by showcasing her vulnerabilities. A bold step in our fierce world. Sometimes, there is strength in softness. Over and over and over again This pain won’t leave like … More A Letter to My Lord

The Truth

As I spill this tea out of my cup that says “Black Girl Magic” in big, bold letters of melanin, try to picture me. Opinionated and sassy, yet soft spoken because it confuses them when I act in such a way. Because I don’t scream “I’m angry!” you think you can make me play on … More The Truth

Still Black

Last time I was spitting game Scene from Jay-Z’s The Story of OJ It was about the captivity and shame That fueled a luxurious change to fame But still All black people are the same. Black culture is synonymous with swag, intelligence, beauty The swag we brought to the endless cotton that our hands plucked … More Still Black

Entity Verse, Volume 1: Generation Z

EntityVerse is a literary-performance group based at Eastway Middle School in Charlotte, NC. Each week young artists craft stories and poems on topics ranging from race, gender, pop culture, to anything within their orbit. Most importantly the space is a sanctuary to unpack topics in a supportive environment. Over the course of five months, members … More Entity Verse, Volume 1: Generation Z

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman is a 9th grade South African student’s adaptation of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman. Over the past three months, Write to Live has directed its focus toward Girls Empowerment. A number of 9th grade girls have met to engage in conversations, activities and reflections surrounding self-love, sisterhood and career goals while still mastering English … More Beautiful Woman


Below is a skit written by 11th grader, Curtis Paige. He channels the concerns many people had coming into 2017 with the political climate that we had and are still dealing with. Check out the work of this young playwright. Curtis: Today is January. Feels like the month of sorrow Because I feel like these … More 2017

Paranoid Summer Review

This young woman’s words from two summers ago are sounding mighty relevant. Check out Imani’s Spoken Word performance from the 2015 19th Annual Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finals.   Be safe out there, and be encouraged by the eloquence and honesty of our little ones!