A Common Thread: The Politics of Black Hair

In the brisk Manchester fall of 1945 at the 5th Pan African Congress, slightly aloft and parted low cut natural hair electrified a room of leaders from the Black diaspora. Leaders like WeB Du Bois energized the atmosphere with rambunctious American spirit. Jamaican shakers like Amy Ashwood Garvey and Miss Alma La Badie brought intersectional and […]

Part II: Black Women Portraying it All

Remember when Halle Berry won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball? Remember not thinking anyone black would win that year, not due to lack of talent but lack of recognition? I was elated when both Halle and Denzel won. All I could do was beam because I had witnessed this historic moment. As I and the […]

Scandal to Insecure: Black Women Portraying it All

  Five years later and this evening commences the final season of Scandal. Regardless of how you feel about the over-the-top plots and twists, there is no debating the importance of Olivia Pope’s television existence. Her existence segued the joy that we all felt seeing Viola Davis not only kill it in How to Get […]

Where You Can Breathe & Be: Black Girl Space

I’m going into my 36th year of this Black Girl/Black Woman space in life and I could not be more thrilled. I appreciate everything that I am, everything that I will be and am learning to love the woman I am becoming: the woman that my mother saw that I would be when I was […]

An Ode to Black Motherhood

Tonight I witnessed a black mother cry Real, strong and genuine tears That left her speechless Over her 7-year-old son A star scholar He was rising as a leader in his class Always so enthusiastic to learn To show the class what he knows To help his friends if they get stumped on a question […]

Springing Forth from our Mothers’ Gardens…Owning What Blossoms Next

Our mothers have mastered the art of being the most powerful source of love and knowledge in spite of the load the world has placed on them. Their strength comes from a history of struggles, many of which we will never even know. Thus, this is a conversation about appreciating the sacrifices of our mothers while taking those lessons to create our own metaphorical gardens.