24 Must Reads for the Young, Gifted & Black

This guest post is from Afrika Owes, a Fulbright alumna who is also a poet, a writer, a thinker, a talker, a reader, a believer, a goal digga and a glo’ getta.  She promotes Black women’s empowerment and strives to pass knowledge and life lessons to my peers. Check out more gems from her at http://www.AfrikaKnowes.com.  I […]

25 Lessons Learned By 25

At some point this week I woke up a 25-year-old woman, eternally and overwhelmingly grateful for all of my blessings. I’m in awe of all the things that 24 brought my way, the places I’ve seen and the lessons I’ve learned. While these are not all brand new lessons, they are those that were weighing […]

Journey Gems: Lessons from the Desert

Every year, instead of resolutions, I have themes. My theme for 2017 is ‘exploration for introspection.’ This year has been full of trips that allowed me to explore such different cultures and places to reflect on how this vast world extends beyond me and has so much for me to learn about it and myself. […]

Downsizing: Don’t Let Clutter Block Your Blessings

I have a pretty dope wardrobe. I’m under the impression that most people feel that way but for me, this was a new realization. I’m always, “going to spend that next check on a wardrobe upgrade,” but happy hours and flight deals have a way of re-arranging your budget. At home with a full closet, […]