comets: a word on brutality, healing & shining

The issue of police brutality and silenced voices are the inspiration behind this site, yet you’ll notice that there have not been many posts on police brutality recently as these incidents scathe our lives and our timelines. We live in a world where a hashtag or a quick article seem to be a sufficient response […]

rundown carry-ons

“Please be careful when removing your [baggage] from the overhead compartment as items may have shifted during flight.” Baggage is inevitable. If you’re going places, chances are you’re taking things with you. Flights create friction, they have turbulence and measures to keep you safe amidst all of that. The one thing a flight can’t do […]

Still Black

Last time I was spitting game Scene from Jay-Z’s The Story of OJ It was about the captivity and shame That fueled a luxurious change to fame But still All black people are the same. Black culture is synonymous with swag, intelligence, beauty The swag we brought to the endless cotton that our hands plucked […]

24 Must Reads for the Young, Gifted & Black

This guest post is from Afrika Owes, a Fulbright alumna who is also a poet, a writer, a thinker, a talker, a reader, a believer, a goal digga and a glo’ getta.  She promotes Black women’s empowerment and strives to pass knowledge and life lessons to my peers. Check out more gems from her at  I […]

Entity Verse, Volume 1: Generation Z

EntityVerse is a literary-performance group based at Eastway Middle School in Charlotte, NC. Each week young artists craft stories and poems on topics ranging from race, gender, pop culture, to anything within their orbit. Most importantly the space is a sanctuary to unpack topics in a supportive environment. Over the course of five months, members […]

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman is a 9th grade South African student’s adaptation of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman. Over the past three months, Write to Live has directed its focus toward Girls Empowerment. A number of 9th grade girls have met to engage in conversations, activities and reflections surrounding self-love, sisterhood and career goals while still mastering English […]

Journey Gems: Lessons from the Desert

Every year, instead of resolutions, I have themes. My theme for 2017 is ‘exploration for introspection.’ This year has been full of trips that allowed me to explore such different cultures and places to reflect on how this vast world extends beyond me and has so much for me to learn about it and myself. […]

Paranoid Summer Review

This young woman’s words from two summers ago are sounding mighty relevant. Check out Imani’s Spoken Word performance from the 2015 19th Annual Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finals.   Be safe out there, and be encouraged by the eloquence and honesty of our little ones!  

An Ode to Black Motherhood

Tonight I witnessed a black mother cry Real, strong and genuine tears That left her speechless Over her 7-year-old son A star scholar He was rising as a leader in his class Always so enthusiastic to learn To show the class what he knows To help his friends if they get stumped on a question […]