The Tale of Two Waffle Houses & One “Justified” Act of Violence

There is something to be said for the state of blackness when you can’t even go to Waffle House in peace. In the span of a week Travis Reinking carried out a mass shooting committed by with an ‘assault-style rifle’  leaving four people dead in Antioch, TN and Chikesia Clemons was arrested in Alabama by […]

comets: a word on brutality, healing & shining

The issue of police brutality and silenced voices are the inspiration behind this site, yet you’ll notice that there have not been many posts on police brutality recently as these incidents scathe our lives and our timelines. We live in a world where a hashtag or a quick article seem to be a sufficient response […]

Paranoid Summer Review

This young woman’s words from two summers ago are sounding mighty relevant. Check out Imani’s Spoken Word performance from the 2015 19th Annual Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finals.   Be safe out there, and be encouraged by the eloquence and honesty of our little ones!  

Kids, Teargas & Their Combined Legacy

Name a scenario in which kids and teargas might be an appropriate combination. Try harder. I’ll wait. Ok, cool. Glad we’re on the same page. On June 16, 1976, police officers in Johannesburg felt as though they had found the appropriate situation for this combination, thus sparking the Soweto Uprising. Thousands of students were peacefully […]

Say Their Names OUTLOUD: Media Silence on Police Brutality 2017

Last summer it felt as though every week the media was covering another story about an unarmed black person being killed by the police. Many of us wondered why the media was paying so much attention to this historic issue now, but found some sense of solace in seeing these tragedies get the coverage they […]

Black Lives & Deadly “Little” White Lies

What a week. While grieving the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards at the hands of police, we received notice that justice will not be served in the case of Alton Sterling who was shot by police in Baton Rouge last summer. We were then updated that the officers involved in Jordan’s death gave a false […]