A Common Thread: The Politics of Black Hair

In the brisk Manchester fall of 1945 at the 5th Pan African Congress, slightly aloft and parted low cut natural hair electrified a room of leaders from the Black diaspora. Leaders like WeB Du Bois energized the atmosphere with rambunctious American spirit. Jamaican shakers like Amy Ashwood Garvey and Miss Alma La Badie brought intersectional and [...]

Echoes of Anita: The Importance of Her Voice 25 Years Later

Decemember 7, 2017 Think back to 1992, the Year of the Woman, Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas. Now turn on the news, any channel. We all know that history repeats itself, but how many times in one year? This year has truly been a year of repetitive history intensified and spiraling out of control. It also [...]

A White Child’s Perspective

Is it possible to channel the perspectives of people of different racial/ethnic backgrounds or genders? Detroit high school student, Earnesha, uses her artistic license to channel what she believes to be the thoughts of a white child, not yet fully molded by society's influence. We think she hit the nail right on the head, what [...]

Moving Past the Halfway Mark

The clock is ticking and time is flying. You're well into your routine of getting up and carrying out your day, accomplishing your goals and subconsciously making more goals. All of a sudden school is out, summer vacation is on and social media statuses filled with feel good vibes fill our timelines celebrating this care-free [...]

Wakanda and the Forever

Four months later, Wakanda is still basking in Black Panther’s $1 billion dollar plus gross, the triumph of King T’Challa, the brilliance of Princess Shuri and the legacy of Kilmonger.  But I still have questions: Will this simply be another fad? Can and how do we sustain the ideals seen in the Marvel Comic Universe [...]

The Tale of Two Waffle Houses & One “Justified” Act of Violence

There is something to be said for the state of blackness when you can’t even go to Waffle House in peace. In the span of a week Travis Reinking carried out a mass shooting committed by with an ‘assault-style rifle’  leaving four people dead in Antioch, TN and Chikesia Clemons was arrested in Alabama by [...]

Breathe: An Open Letter to Ambitious Underrepresented People of Color

During my first week of business school, my classmates and I played a game that caused me great inner turmoil. The game left me wanting to say things I knew would ruffle some feathers. The game was StarPower, which involves collecting points by negotiation. We drew chips from a bag, and based on the value [...]