Jay Z to JT: A Lesson In Solidarity

Many of us can recall those TRL days when we fell under the spell of Justin Timberlake, the blonde, jersey wearing, baggy pants boppin’ teenager in *NSYNC. In his adult, solo career he became known as JT and proceeded to provide the jams. We all know what happened with JT and Janet at the Superbowl [...]

24 Must Reads for the Young, Gifted & Black

This guest post is from Afrika Owes, a Fulbright alumna who is also a poet, a writer, a thinker, a talker, a reader, a believer, a goal digga and a glo’ getta.  She promotes Black women’s empowerment and strives to pass knowledge and life lessons to my peers. Check out more gems from her at http://www.AfrikaKnowes.com.  I [...]

My Ancestors Are My Wildest Dreams

We’ve all seen, heard or said the quote, “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.” From villages, plantations, coal mines and gold mines, we can look at our generation and feel as though we’ve come a long way. Black excellence is around every corner from music and film to law and medicine to reclaiming the power [...]


Breathe do not distract yourself from it sink into the emptiness the numb confusion the dismantling of all realms of control and the anxiety that comes with that know yourself well enough to embrace the darker corners of your soul the scary shadows collecting dust because you refuse to acknowledge them the pain the fear [...]

Part II: Black Women Portraying it All

Remember when Halle Berry won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball? Remember not thinking anyone black would win that year, not due to lack of talent but lack of recognition? I was elated when both Halle and Denzel won. All I could do was beam because I had witnessed this historic moment. As I and the [...]

Entity Verse, Volume 1: Generation Z

EntityVerse is a literary-performance group based at Eastway Middle School in Charlotte, NC. Each week young artists craft stories and poems on topics ranging from race, gender, pop culture, to anything within their orbit. Most importantly the space is a sanctuary to unpack topics in a supportive environment. Over the course of five months, members [...]

A Year Later: The Political Pendulum Continues to Swing

November 8, 2016. The day many of us headed to the polls to cast a ballot of either indifference or excitement. No matter where you stand on voting and its politics, chances are you had a feeling that we would wake up on November 9, 2016, with our first woman president. November 9, 2017, here [...]

Scandal to Insecure: Black Women Portraying it All

  Five years later and this evening commences the final season of Scandal. Regardless of how you feel about the over-the-top plots and twists, there is no debating the importance of Olivia Pope’s television existence. Her existence segued the joy that we all felt seeing Viola Davis not only kill it in How to Get [...]

English & What?

Me: Sawubona? South African: Yebo, Unjani? Me: Ngiyapila, nam… South African: Ngiyapila *Insert follow up question* Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know much Zulu South African: So what language do you speak? Me: English South African: English and what? Me: Just English South African: *Insert all types of looks of confusion* What do you mean? [...]