Self-Love While Black…as shown by Ali & Kanye

Self-love: a term that we love to throw around that is defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Or as Aunty Audre calls it: an act of self-preservation. While there are millions of examples of black women and men who have modeled self-love that we can all benefit from, when reflecting on the [...]

The Problem with Sexual Assault

By: Myalynn F 9th Grader, Bronx, NY Sexual assault is a problem that can scar a person for life. The book Thirteen Reasons Why discusses how it impacted the life of a teenage girl named Hannah. In the book she states that, “I kept my forehead against your shoulder, Marcus. There was your hand, on my knee. From out [...]

The Ultimate Code Switch

If you come from a community that values its unique language, accent and/or dialect, chances are you’ve found yourself code switching on a regular basis in professional or academic settings. There’s an even greater chance that you’ve found yourself having a conversation about it, maybe even a debate about whether it’s necessary or not. We [...]